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Cheapest Call to India | Free SIP Call Worldwide

We are ready to serve your India calling solution from anywhere to India mobile and landline with best quality and possible cheapest rate. Call Internationally A-Z destination enjoys premium CLI calling quality. Our latest technology switching, multiple International CLI route and tunnel enable dialer make your call quality crustal clear. Maximize you International calling experience with www.cheapestcall2india.com Smart choice to Call India mobile or landline. We promise best CLI quality SIP Internet Call & cheapest rate in market. Utilize your money in perfect place. Freedom of chose to use hundreds of SIP dialer Worldwide, chose your best SIP dialer and configure our SIP account, start calling worldwide. No need to think which area or which country are you, you can use cheapestcall2india.com International calling card from country or any VOIP block area also. Our latest tunnel technologies mobile & pc dialer working fine with 2G, 3G, or wifi data. Get a free SIP account, chose one of the best sip softphone, configure and start making free SIP call. Freedom to use thousands of free sip softphone worldwide. We have mentioned top 10 best sip softphone for this year. Please visit our best-sip-softphone page and select one them. Softphone SIP configuration also mentioned step by step with softphone-sip-settings page. For any assistance our supporting team with you 24 hours and 7 days weak. Here we mentioned a quick sitemap for our visitors.

Top Calling Destiantion Minutes Per Card
FlagCountry Name$1 Card$5 Card$10 Card$50 Card
Login Image download image
Indian Flag GifIndia Mobile & Landline, Premium CLI101 Minutes505 Minutes1010 Minutes5050 Minutes
Pakistan Flag .GifPakistan All Mobile Premium CLI41 Minutes205 Minutes410 Minutes2054 Minutes
Bangladesh Flag .GifBangladesh Mobile & Landline Pure White22 Minutes114 Minutes228 Minutes1141 Minutes
Srilanka Flag GifSrilanka Mobile Pure CLI6 Minutes29 Minutes58 Minutes294 Minutes
Thailand Flag .GifThailand Mobile & Landline Premium CLI63 Minutes317 Minutes635 Minutes3137 Minutes
U.S.A Flag .GifUnited States Mobile & Landline Premium CLI100 Minutes494 Minutes989 Minutes4946 Minutes
U.K Flag .GifUnited Kingdom Fixed CLI330 Minutes1669 Minutes3338 Minutes16693 Minutes
Singapore Flag .GifSingapore Mobile & Landline Premium CLI190 Minutes953 Minutes1907 Minutes9539 Minutes
Malaysia Flag .GifMalaysia Mobile & Landline Premium CLI96 Minutes482 Minutes965 Minutes4827 Minutes
Egypt Flag .GifEgypt Mobile & Landline Premium CLI12 Minutes59 Minutes119 Minutes595 Minutes

Easy Way to Start SIP Call

No Need to Signup, Start Free with a SIP Account
International Calls are Responsive With Premium CLI
Step by Step SIP Softphone Configuration with Video
No Grey or Non CLI, Only Premium CLI Route
Use Hundreds of Best free & premium SIP Softphone
No Monthly Charge, SIP to SIP calls are Free

free sip account

Get a Free SIP Account

- Check Quality & how easy it is
- Click Start Free and Receive
- Receive a SIP Account Free
- Check your Paypal e-mail address

- Now your SIP account Config with a SIP softphone, Start making call to your destination and check call quality, User panel, etc. If everything ok; Please recharge your SIP account.

  • Step-I >> Start a Free Test or Direct buy

  • || Click Start Free || Receive a complete premium SIP account viya e-mail || You will receive a welcome mail with SIP user password and Softphone configure and also your panel login url details || Please watch quick start video at the end of this page for more details.
  • Step-II >> Config SIP Dialer

  • || Config SIP SIP user password with any SIP softphone like Zoiper, Media-5 Fone or Linphone, Or any other SIP softphone || After successfull registred dialer, Start making call to your destination || If you are note clear, Please watch quick start video at the end of this page.
  • Step-III >> Login your Panel & Recharge

  • || After successfull testing, Please login your panel using your SIP User & Password and recharge using Paypal || In your panel A-Z International destination voice calling rate, CDR, SIP account, and many more || For support, Please Contact with us at any time.
Cheapest Call to India International Calling Card
Save Money
Cheapest Call to India Card $5

SIP Calling Card $5

Maximize you International Calling experience with cheapestcall2india.com India calling card.
  • Premium CLI Quality Call
  • Unblock Dialer
  • Call from any Country
  • Recharege any Amount
  • Standard Support
Buy Online
Cheapest Call to India Card $10

SIP Calling Card $10

$10 Recharge Premium Quality (CLI) Total International Minutes (No Connection Fee)
  • India (CLI) 450 Min.
  • Pakistan (CLI) 250 Min
  • Bangladesh (CLI) 300 Min
  • U.K (CLI) 450 Min
  • U.S.A (CLI) 800 Min
Buy Online
What’s Included? with a free SIP Account.
Cheapest Call Worldwide with Premium CLI Quality. Included with following features & Many More

  • 100% Actual Billing
  • Pure CLI Route.
  • Paypal Online Payment System.
  • Recharge any Amount.
  • Reseller & Calling Card Module
  • Instant Online Support.

Worldwide SIP Calling Special Features

U.A.E to India Calling, Free Mobile Data

Unblock Mobile & Desktop Dialer for VOIP Block Countryes.

Cheapestcall2india.com Mobile & PC dialer 100% working with VOIP block country like U.A.E, Oman, K.S.A. Our latest tunnelling system makes your call more smooth and clear. Make you India calling faster and easier with cheapestcall2india.com. Start with us, Recharge any amount using Paypal.

Cheapest Call to India unblock dialer

SIP Call Globally without Mobile Data Pack

Cheapest call to india, Best Quality Call

Premium CLI Quality SIP Calling A-Z Destination

Cheapestcall2india.com use "Call Level Interface" (CLI) for International call route & ensure your International call quality, Enjoy premium CLI quality international calls to mobile or landline at cheapest rate. Start now saving up to 90% on all your international calls!

Frequently Ask for SIP Account Process

Quick Start Process
> Buy online "Click Buy Now"
> Pay online & check your e-mail.
> Config SIP details with dialer
> Start making call
How to Config SIP Dialer?
> Select One of SIP Dialer
> Config domain, SIP user & Pass
> Domain name "sip.cheapestcall2india.com"
> SIP User & Pass is in your mail
More Details see settings page.
How to Recharge?
> Login your panel with SIP Username & Password
> Click Payment and select recharge
> Recharge using paypal
What about Call Quality?
We always try for the best to our client. We will ensure premium quality international call. For India we can provide you best quality as like as other country also. Directly contact with our support if you have any issue.

cheapestcall2india.com quick start Videos

How to buy a calling card without signup "Quic Video"
SIP details configure with Mobile and PC Dialer Dialer "Quick Video"
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